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Seaweed earrings

Seaweed earrings

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Real arctic ocean seaweed picked and dried by the artist, sealed with resin and cut into fabulous shapes. These are VERY unique, as I make more I can post the finished product, but they are 1 in a million!!!

Large circles are 2" with a stainless steel closing hook. Sold out!

Small circles are 1" with stainless steel shepard hooks and cute resin shell decorations.

Fans are 1" x2" on stainless steel shepard hooks.

Seaweed fan leaf - Hang down about 2.5" gold and stainless steel hook available.

Circle stack - 80s retro style in seaweed 2"drop, a xircle and half together!

This is handpicked seaweed from the arctic ocean sealed so you can enjoy forever!

Each plant is dried and added to a variety of art using an epoxy resin that is UV safe and non-toxic. Even then, due to the pressing and drying method used, flowers do not retain the same bright colors they had when they were in bloom. Imperfections happen because this is handmade, and with real plants - no two plants are alike or end up looking the same after I make something - so sometimes a pair of something will not match exactly because it is the way of nature!

Everything is packed up with a product care card, information on the plants within the art, and a gift box or bag depending on item. The photos of flowers, identification and research on each item is all done by me (the artist!), with wonderful input and advice from colleagues, family and friends. Eco-friendly art, ethnically sourced. I am 100% happy to work with you to ensure you are loving your purchase. Consider the uniqueness of each item, I do not make anything the same twice!

Photo disclaimer on listed items:

Colour: lights will affect and play with the colours and brightness. The use of equipment (camera/computer) may cause a difference in colouring between the real-life item and photos displayed and colours may vary from monitor to monitor.

Sizing: pictures are NOT to scale. they may be close up or far way - please check measurements in description for sizing.

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